Keyword analysis.

The analysis contains categorized search data, information about the competition, most relevant keywords, estimated costs per click, and valuable content ideas for your website. I choose the most relevant keywords with low competition that worth focus on in your web content.

A keyword analysis is key documentation for your online marketing strategy - SEO, paid advertising, content strategy, or even influencer marketing.  

By understanding what queries users type into search engines, content, campaigns, and landing pages can be better optimized to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates. 

I use various professional tools like a Google keyword planner, SEM Rush, Marketing Miner, Ubersuggest, and even simple search engine research with an "SEO perspective".


  • Document with most important key learnings and suggestions for your content

  • Excel file with full  categorized data

  • Phrases most important for your website according to search data - keywords most searched, least competitive and most relevant

  • Suggestions on how to use them in headings, titles, content, and other metadata

  • New opportunities for your business 

  • New content suggestions for blog or news section 

  • Estimated costs per click (CPC) for PPC campaigns

  • Seasonal trends for all keywords

  • Your competitions insights



  • USD / EUR / GBP / CZK

  • International bank transfer, PayPal, Crypto

  • Package SEO analysis + Keyword analysis: 20% discount




My work

July 2020: Small keyword analysis for slovakian e-shop - content ideas, product descriptions and structure.

August 2020: Small keyword analysis for czech online print shop - content ideas, metadata adjustments, CPC and competition.



Cooperating since 2019 on various local and international clients - SEO, keyword analysis, advertising.

September 2020: Small keyword analysis for website adjustment and PPC advertising, searches, CPC and competition.

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SEO analysis shows how well the site has been optimized and what can be done to improve and increase visibility within search engines. It highlights any issues like security, loading speed, meta tags, images, backlinks, keywords etc.

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Setting up advertising and analytics accounts

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Get a completely new, easy, and beautiful website designed to sell, that you can manage by yourself. All websites are SEO friendly and mobile-friendly, fast loading, and with the highest security. 

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